4 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Take Advice From Jonathan Van Ness


If you have seen the Netflix series Queer Eye and are like the rest of us, then you are probably obsessed with the sassy and wonderful hairstylist, Jonathan Van Ness. We just can’t get enough of his gorgeous energy and fabulous life advise.After watching 2 seasons ( soon to be 3! ) of his epic one-liners and hilarious commentary, we realized all the things we love about him are actually serving us branding REALNESS. 

Here are our top 4:


Seems obvious right?! 

n reality with how much we consume every hour and every day its easy to produce what is already trending or be heavily influenced by what your favorite brands have created. While getting lost in it all, you end up comparing your brand to others, which isn’t healthy or helpful. 

There isn’t a brand out there like yours. Be you. Follow your brand’s passion and love it for its unique contribution to the market. And share it. Not the perfected, over strategized and “Instagram worthy” version. The real and honest version. That is why consumers will choose you. 

We think one of Jonathan’s gifts to the world is not only showing us that is beautiful to be yourself but also how it is important to love yourself.  


This is a JVN SUPERPOWER. Staying positive and not letting negativity get the best of you can be a tough one for sure. It seems like this is the decade of negatively and it gets harder and harder to separate yourself from the constant notifications. 

Jonathan suggests finding your happy place. Something that gets you up in the morning or to sleep at night. If that is starting your day off watching olympic ice skating clips (which is probably what JVN does) or ending your day reflecting on what you are grateful for - finding simple and even fun ways to stay positive can really lift your spirits and help you focus on what is important to your business. 


We can get stuck in our ways and want to reject new products or ideas because we don’t want to make the time to learn or are scared to grow in uncomfortable ways. Being open to change, expanding your perspective, and overall growth keeps your mind young. Learning something new is hard at first but as you develop more skills and knowledge, you become more of a valuable asset to your brand. Don’t give up, those growing pains are good for your business! 

Jonathan has been a big inspiration on this topic from is his podcast called Getting Curious. He breaks down interesting topics that he is curious about with an expert to understand and learn more about that subject.


Take it one step at a time. Keep going! Don’t stop! There is a lot you can give. Most of the time we just don’t believe we can do it. I heard someone say once that anxiety and worry is accepting failure that hasn’t even occurred yet. That hit hard. Everyone has insecurities and failures. We think having resilience and believing in yourself is key to confidence. Jonathan has been very open about the struggles and pain in his life and how those moments have lead to his confidence and strength. He wisely put it that success is defined by how quickly you dust yourself off and move between your failures.


We know that Jonathan has a unique personal brand but these tips are a great reminder for every type of business. 

Need help with your brand? We can work with you. Or just want to send us your favorite JVN one-liner? Shoot us a message. We would love to hear from ya! 

XO hennies,


Sara Seal