The Stages of Design Grief

As designers who have worked for boutique branding firms, advertising agencies, and as in-house designers, we know that the struggle is real. Getting good design isn’t easy. And worse, it often becomes a distraction for one or more people who have other things they’re paid to do. The emotional roller coaster often goes a lot like this:


You dream of a world in which you have a budget for a designer, or two, or three! (go crazy it’s your dream). But It’s just not in the cards right now. Le sigh. So - you do your research and find a great shop that can help you with your projects. And they’re AFFORDABLE. They’ve got a great portfolio and they’re super excited to help. Yippee! all is well! You’re the best problem solver! You’ll probably get a promotion! Except…


The work isn’t turning out the way you hoped. Three months in you find yourself missing deadlines, redoing the work, or not using it. Why? Because the quality just isn’t up to the standard you want for your business. It doesn’t feel unique, or well considered. Frankly, it feels rushed and like you aren’t a huge priority… So it’s sad and unfortunate, but you part ways. Ce la vie.


You find another agency. Things are looking good! The work is coming together, it’s getting a response, your boss is happy. But then, you get a bill. And this isn’t what you agreed to. What are these charges? When did these hours get used? WHAT’S. HAPPENING.


This will never work. You’ve hired two agencies, waisted 8 months, and nearly gone broke paying unexpected fees to your last designers. You start to believe great design is something you just can’t have. You’re not a millionaire after all. What’s a normal working guy / gal to do?


You know what you’ll do. You’ll put up with mediocre design because it’s what you can afford. And that’s the world we live in. You’re a grown up. You can handle the limitations of real life. Everything will be ok. Nobody can have everything…

Except… we might be able to help you get off the roller coaster. In fact, we’re certain we can. Visit our portfolio or give us a shout to discover how you just might be able to have your cake and eat it too (God, we love cake - we want everyone to have cake).

Sara Seal