Yak Yak Fine Fibers

The Pamiri people reside in the mountains of Tajikistan, one of the harshest climates on the planet. They live most of their lives at altitudes above 11,000 ft. For years, they have lacked a way to make a living wage, due to the lack of natural resources. Except wool. 

Yak wool is one of the warmest, most durable, and softest fibers on earth. It has often been compared to cashmere for it’s luxurious texture. It stays warm when wet and breaths for comfortability. 

Yak Yak's mission is to produce durable, high quality woolen goods that also give back. By purchasing all their wool directly from the Pamiri people with no middle man, they have created sustainable jobs and income for thousands of individuals and families in Tajikistan.